Humane Society of Northwest Iowa
Adopt...until none are left.

2008 Members

(November 1, 2007 - November 1, 2008) 

Business Members ($200+) 
Patron Members ($100+)
Family Members ($50+) 
Individual Members ($25+) 

Mike Hoien Construction

Elizabeth Einerwold

Lynn Fillenwarth

Nancy Romslo

Amy Schroeter

Taco House

United Community Bank

Eric & Lora Bilney

Jim & Judi Donahue

Kathy Evert

Judy Haviland

Lesli & Brett Hayes

 John & Marge Ilich

Charles & Patricia Jones

Maureen Kruse

Peter & Darleen Narey

Rod & Miriam Patton

Martha & Clifford Phipps

Connie Rhodes

Nancy Romslo

Marvin Sorum

Ray & Lois Stanley

Sid Stevens

Joan Tunnicliff

Joe & Linda Weir

Ronald & Linda White

James & Marlene Carson

Chris & Twila Carstens

Ann Chozen

The Connolly Family

Steve & Jo Currell

Patricia & Bob Dreesen

Dennis & Tay Shannon Dunham

Kathy & Craig Evert

Scott & Elaine Greer

Tim & Karie Heinitz

Mary Lou Hoffman

Kirk & Becki Huisenga

Jim & Diana Jensen

Paul & Rita Kerr

Robin & Ro Jackson

Brad, Sheryl & Hannah Jones

Delores Maser

Timothy McIlrath & Randy Arand

Walter & Barbara Mendenhall

Phil & Nathan Miklo

James & Judith Nece

Edward & Janice Purdy

Susan & Jerry Robinson

VerDon & Donna Schmidt

Carlton & Carolyn Shull

L.W. Simons

Cathy Staake

Thomas Thomas

Troy & Kim Tolman

Curtis & Teresa Williams

Bill & Susan Archer

Sue Archibald

Paula Beaver

Mary Ann Breiner

Gordon Duitsman

Wanda Finnestad

Ann Fitzgibbons

Loren Gilmore

Michele Haas

Zachary Hayen

Craig Hess

Ann Hokel

Mrs. Jim Houchins

Nadine Johnson

Robin Jones

Sherry Jorgensen

Marilyn Karlson

Mary Kennedy

Mrs. Robert Kirschbaum

Beth Langford

Donna Leek

Barbara Maas

Annette Merryman

Mrs. David E. Nelson

Lucy Nielson

Jill Owen

Jane Pappone

Sally Parks

LaVonne Peterson

Betty Rhode

Marilyn Schultz

Christine Segreto

Carol Stensland

Wanda Stoberl

Becky Stoll

Marge Svoboda

Peter & Judy Vander Linden

Suzanne West

F. Joseph Wilson

Bank Midwest
Steven Bremer
June Goldman
Signe Kim Lauridsen Jones
Amy Schroeter
Anne Thorne Weaver

*Note from Kate Whitrock, Executive Director.

Prior to my becoming Executive Director in the fall of 2004, there were three or four others who held this position. Each one operated the shelter under different policies and procedures.  It has come to my attention that, at some point, Lifetime Memberships were granted to people who made donations to support that level.  That level of generosity certainly needs to be recognized, but unfortunately, those records were never passed on. The option of Lifetime Memberships was discontinued prior to 2005, however, we will honor those who made the donation to that level of support.  If you are a Lifetime Member, please contact me so that I can have your name listed here.