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Thank you for thinking of fundraising for the Humane society of Northwest Iowa. We love to have people or organizations host fundraisers or donation drives in support of our mission. If you are interested in organizing and hosting a fundraiser to benefit the HSNWIA, please read our Fundraising Policy and submit your idea to us! If you would like to do a supply donation drive for our animals, here is a list of items:

>wish list

>fundraising policy


We are always looking for qualified Animal Foster Care Givers to help out with animals that may have special needs or are having trouble adapting to living in the Shelter. This can range from kittens that need to be bottle-fed to dogs that need help being socialized until they can be adopted. Fill out the below application if you are interested in becoming an Animal Foster Care Giver.

Dog and Cat only.png

adopted in 2022



​For more than 40 years, the HSNWIA has been serving communities by taking in and caring for hundreds of homeless, abandoned and neglected animals in need of care and protection. The resources needed to care for these animals continues to grow year in and year out, which is why we need your HELP. 

Join our HSNWIA community of animal lovers today! Your donations will support those in need until they can be adopted into loving homes. When you donate to the HSNWIA you will be in league with other like minded individuals; those who care enough to give homeless, abandoned, yet loving pets a "second chance" and a FOREVER home. 


Regardless of what you are able to give, whether it be time, talent or treasure KNOW you are making a difference by giving these animals a "second chance". Thank you for considering us in our mission of helping those most in need!


monetary donations

Donate in memory of a loved one, sponsor a dog or cat adoption fee or simply help alleviate general shelter costs (medical expenses, utilities, supplies, building and grounds maintenance, staffing, general animal care, transportation, etc.)

Regardless of how or why you choose to GIVE we THANK YOU as we cannot do what we do without YOU! 

"No ONE ever succeeded without the HELP of others" ~ Jay Abraham

sUPPORT US through chewy is on a mission to support non-profit organizations that help animals in need.  Order your food with Chewy and they’ll proudly donate $20 to the Humane Society of Northwest Iowa.

​(Click on the CHEWY below to help support our shelter today)


shop & donate through AMAZON

Shop Amazon for a simple way to shop and ship directly to us! Our wishlist has all of our most needed supplies!


(Click the Amazon logo below to help support our shelter today​)

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Check out our can redemption cages at the following locations:  Spirit Lake Hy-Vee, The Hutt Bar & Grill in Arnolds Park or come see us at the Shelter to drop off your IA redeemable cans. All proceeds go directly to the Shelter general fund to HELP meet the needs of our animals.

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