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Meet your next best friend.

HSNWIA has NO dogs on sight during kennel construction. If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs please submit an adoption application and we will get something set up for you!

Also please note that we may have more dogs available than we have here on the website. Please check out our Facebook page for all of them under our Available Dogs tab!

We cannot take in any owner surrenders until our kennels are done. Feel free to submit an owner surrender application and we will get you on our waitlist. Please be patient with us as we update our building.

The Humane Society of Northwest Iowa is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal shelter that proudly serves Dickinson, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto, O'Brien and Osceola counties. Our mission is to promote the ethical and humane treatment of all animals, as well as provide care, housing, and rehabilitation for animals in need while they are with us and promote responsible pet ownership by educating on the importance of spaying or neutering animals.



No upcoming events right now, but keep an eye out in the near future!.png
Caressing a Cat


If you would like to give a supply donation, feel free to call or drop off items from the list below anytime.  Thank you for your kindness & for supporting the Humane Society of Northwest Iowa!


scoopable cat litter    |   non-latex surgical gloves m/l   |   cat & dog treats  |   stamps   |   creamy peanut butter & flour  |  odoban cleaner  |  bleach  |  pill poppers  |  kong toys (cats & dogs)  |  feliway multicat diffuser plug-in  |  science diet c/d (specialty cat food) 

Order from and have it shipped straight to us!  Chewy is on a mission to support non-profit organizations that help animals in need.  Order your food with Chewy and they’ll proudly donate $20 to the Humane Society of Northwest Iowa.

​(Click on the CHEWY below to help support our shelter today)



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