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Boys Just wanna have fun

The anticipation of being next to your neighbor/friends without being able to interact and spend time can create a pinned energy like no other, especially in these ruff and tumble pups. But, when the time comes, watch out, these guys can make even the most energetic among us wish we had their reserve!!!

Beau, Joe, and Smokey have become the best of friends in their short time here. All with unique characteristics and temperaments, these guys come together PLAY is the ONLY track on their minds. Watching these guys do their thing creates one of the most rewarding feelings that shelter life has to offer for dogs and staff alike. Dogs being dogs without a care in the world or a thought of where they might be tomorrow, what could be better than that?

Beau is an 8-month-old Shepard Belgian Malinois/Cattle Dog mix that loves to be loved and can't get enough attention he is a GREAT listener, super smart, and loves everyone he meets. Joe is a 10-month-old Dalmation Lab mix. Joe does have some separation anxiety and would do well in a home with another K-9 friend to spend time with when his person or people can't be there. Smokey is an 8-month-old pure-breed Australian Kelpie who can be a bit timid but loves anyone who will give him snuggles and rubs.

All three are ready for their NEW homes! All three are ready to show just how willing they are to love and please those who love and care for them!


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