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Youthful Yukon

When bringing in animals young at heart and long in the tooth, one can almost guarantee the same grimaced face will be found among all our staff, yet hope never wavers for perfect placement! It's no secret in the shelter world that age can often be equated with adopt-ability. As wrong as that may sound and or (more to the point) actually be, the truth remains the same and their need for a great finish is no less than that of any other animals start.

Yukon is exactly that. At over nine years old, this guy is seasoned, to say the least, but what his age actually reveals is a pearl of sage wisdom with a youthful spirit. If the adage holds true that age is just a number, Yukon would be the mascot for the promotional campaign. His calm demeanor and loving chatter (classic Husky "iluvu" howl) are an instant heart grabber. There is definitely something to be said for reaping the benefits of age and training without all the work, and this guy totally fits that bill!


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