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Peter Pan & Tinker(bell)??

If we have learned anything from this past year, it is that life is unpredictable!

Life changes and unforeseen circumstances can lead to some of the hardest decisions ever. This is often the case for many of the owners and animals that are brought through our doors. Being here and able to meet the needs of those who have little choice can be both heartbreaking and rewarding simultaneously. So, a little levity can be just the ticket, and that's exactly what this duo brought in spades!

As you might imagine, many of the animals surrendered here at the HSNWIA come to us with given names (which isn't always a bad thing as the staff can get a BIT creative when naming our guests). These two were no exception. Brought in as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, the names fit well in the world of Walt Disney but for intake on a busy day...not so much. Needless to say, the staff was a bit confused when they found out that Tinker(bell) was all boy despite the intake notes that claimed otherwise! Oops...a good laugh was had by ALL! Regardless of the clerical error, these two boys are NOW ready for their forever home. More dog than cat, Peter Pan is super affectionate, loves to be in the mix and yes, he's a licker (see below for details)! Tinker (formerly known as Tinkerbell) is ALL kitten with curiosity to spare, but when the jets cool down he loves to be loved and will let you know it! They would be a great fit for any home looking for two buddies!!


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