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Special Needs...Special Cat

This may sound strange to those who have not worked with animals that have special needs, but for myself and the staff at the HSNWIA the reward of finding "the" home for one of these special guys or gals is definitely at the top of the list of benefits in what can often be a thankless job. Becky's special needs and the hopefully soon to be perfect ending to her story will be no exception!

Due to a chronic respiratory illness, this poor girl has to live in complete isolation. While her treatments are minimal and easily managed, she can only be in a home where she is the queen as her condition is transmissible in felines. Now, as we know most homes with cats are like chips, "betcha can't have just one" but this is EXACTLY what she needs. Becky is super social and loves to be loved, which is why our hearts break at the thought of this BIG personality living out her years in less than ideal conditions. She is a Special Girl waiting for a Special Home willing to see her GREAT need and fills it with the love she is so deserving of!


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