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Board or Blessing...

There is little question as to whether starting a new position is exciting and challenging, but starting in the midst of a year riddled with strife and uncertainty due to a pandemic makes "challenging" a verb that proves unworthy. Yet, I could not imagine what the pending challenges of beginning this marathon would have been like without the guidance and support of what can only be referred to as an eclectic group of like-minded community members seeking to meet the need of those most vulnerable.

I have had the privilege of working for and with many boards over the course of my career(s). Now, this by no means makes me an expert on the subject of boards and their roles as participants in their given fields and communities. However, one cannot help but notice the disparities when comparisons are drawn. If you have been made party to or worked under boards of any kind, you must admit that there are those who show-up and those who show-up with purpose and intent! Yet, this too can be a challenge if the intent or purpose is self-motivated or anything less than innocuous to the mission, goal, and purpose of the organization.

The definition of a WORKING Board can reside in the gray as it is solely based on the individuals and their willingness to do just that, "work". While this point of action or the act of "doing" has not proven itself as the standard for the majority of the Boards I have personally worked with or for, this cannot be said of your Board at the HSNWIA. This group has proven time and again that they are willing to step-up and step-in when and where the need arises. As the new kid (or old man if my children were keeping score) in town, there is an overwhelming sense of relief in knowing that with a few swipes of the screen and the push of what are now well-worn contacts, sage advice, helping hands, or simply friendly ears are there to ease the load. Whether it be strategic or event planning and implementation, fundraising, hauling cans, moving can cages, wrangling cats, scooping poo, making extra time for animals with pinned up energy, finding resources when all seems lost, attending meeting after meeting, these utility members of the HSNWIA (and their families) have shown themselves to be the the very definition of a "working" Board!

Growing up as a Military Brat, nothing was made more clear to me than the truth of knowing that an individual is only as strong as those he, she, or they stand shoulder to shoulder with, in support of a common goal. Which is why I am proud to stand in support of the countless animals that cross our threshold with a team of like-minded individuals willing to give of their time, talent, and treasure to move forward in our mission to save and support our most vulnerable animal populations.

Yes, mistakes will be made, and perhaps agreeing to disagree may seem the only option at times but as the HSNWIA Community you should know, and be as proud as I am of the work being done in the name of YOUR community Shelter.

Thank-you Members of the Board and ALL of the HSNWIA Community for supporting myself and my staff as we move forward to serve our ANIMALS and YOU to the best of our ability!


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